January 1, 2020
Jeff Gaura with porters

Comparing college work to fitness training

2020 is upon us. Don't do what you have always done. Instead, hire a coach and meet your goals.
May 2, 2018

Failure en route to success

Sometimes, it takes a wreck to succeed.
March 19, 2017

Badwater Cape Fear Race Report

A Badwater race report is a trip through mental illness...here is my view of a Badwater.
March 3, 2017

Because boys will be men

Boys are boys, but they will be men one day. Let's leave the future better than we find the present by making boys into men.
September 26, 2015

ITU World Championships 2015 – My Story

This was the best race of my life, and I hope to do it again!
August 8, 2015

Running in the New Mexico Sun…with my son.

Running takes up a lot of my training time…partly because it is a big part of my sport and partly […]
May 2, 2015
Alex Gaura Running at the University City Duathlon

What makes a good day?

Today is my next time....
April 7, 2015

A vacation or a workout?

Family vacation equals working out?
January 22, 2015
Jeff Gaura, Alex Gaura and Mike Larsson Skiing in Telluride, CO

The Redneck within

When are you a redneck? Hopefully, not when doing your job!