Immersion Coaching

Immersion Experience for the invested athlete and their significant other.
Does this describe you?

You are registered for your big event, and you have measurable goals. You are spending thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of dollars on equipment as well as hundreds of hours of your valuable time preparing for your big event. To complicate matters, your time is already committed, if not overcommitted, care of living in a connected world. You are hungry to know as much as you can, but your resources are too scattered to have anything more than a shallow understanding on many topics. You lack “something” in your routine or knowledge base to practice what you have learned. You need to see how someone puts fitness, nutrition, family life, social life, your career and recovery into action, so you can implement it on your own. Reading and listening to stories aren’t creating the results you desire.


Your partner for life is aware of your heart’s desire, yet they don’t know if they can help or if they should help. They are keenly aware that you behave differently before a workout than you do after one. You can be a Jekyll and Hyde to them, especially in the difficult training weeks. Your spouse experiences an occasional loneliness in their relationship with you as your fitness goals, but you don’t want to leave them feeling lonely. They miss the person that they want to spend time with. They have no one to coach them and sharing openly with their friends has yet to create anything that helps you both.

If this described you, then you want to the Immersion Experience (IE).

WHAT TO EXPECT: At the end of the IE the athlete will possess both the knowledge and tools needed to build with minimal risk for a major athletic event. It does not include the hard work you will have to do once the immersion is over! You will have a much broader repertoire of activities that you can do to keep you on target, and you will know how to measure your progress in objective ways. Your significant other will have a clearer understand of what you will be like not only before your workouts but after your workouts. They will know how to assist you with fueling choices that build you up as well as understand how the two of you can and should engage socially to maximize the connections that you are making as you participate in the multi-sport community. They will learn how to cook critical foods for your athlete and support their lifestyle in a way that builds value into your relationship, instead of separating you from your athlete.

How it works: With the IE, you spend three consecutive nights in residence with us in rural North Carolina. During your time with us, you will actively and uniquely participate in multiple structured experiences lead by experts in different fields. Linda and Jeff personally screen all our experts, and we have known all of them for years. All our structured experiences are customized before you arrive to be “just for you” in format, meaning that start and stop times are situation driven. Activities such as swim, cycle and run distances are commensurate with your current fitness levels. We create teaching moments and are not reenacting a mass-produced training camp. You will be only students during this time. Since you are living in our home, you will get all that we can offer during waking hours. Your learning environment will be extremely safe for all the activities we will do. If you have a training partner of equal fitness, we may be able to accommodate them as well. Some additional fees apply.


We start the process of scheduling you and creating your agenda with an intake call that takes up to an hour. We speak with you and your significant other to firm up your current levels of fitness and communication. We confirm what event you are preparing for and want to make sure that you are not only a fit for our program but understand the expectations.

Once we have completed the intake process, we create an agenda that includes up to 40 different activities that we will take you through during your time with us. Once we finalize dates, we will send you a tentative chronological list of what we intend to achieve during your time with us. At this point, your payments are non-refundable.


Your timeline will include the following components.

  • Food preparation and recovery eating. You will cook and prepare several foods with us that will act as “go to” meals for both before and after your workouts. We discourage package and pre-packaged foods, and we will teach you how to make real food that you will need to fuel and stay strong.
  • As appropriate, we will teach Scriptural references to use as you approach thresholds to keep your motivation strong. There are a few select Biblical verses not taught in churches that help define why we workout and what is the goal and value of fitness, from God’s perspective. For many athletes, this is the most inspirational part of the experience, as they get a solid answer to the question, “what is God’s will for me?”
  • Recovery strategies that include stretching taught by a Yoga instructor. Since Jeff has started using her stretching tools, he has competed injury free for nearly 4 years.
  • One private Pilates methodology class and one private Pilates equipment session, taught consecutively, by a Stott Certified Instructor. There is no substitute for a strong core, especially as you fatigue, and the instructors that we have selected will teach you activities to do to build and maintain a solid core, front and back. Jeff won the King of the Mountain as the fastest climber in the US at Duathlon Nationals in 2015, and he credits his ability to control his core and have efficient climbing skills.
  • Early am running drills, led by one of two different TeamUSA athletes, on country roads, where he will teach you how to effectively use speed work and long runs to improve your running fitness and speed.
  • Trail runs at the US National Whitewater Center, weather permitting. We will focus on balance building exercises, hydration strategies and cadence monitoring.
  • A longer bike ride up a local mountain (between 28 and 72 miles, R/T, depending on starting fitness levels) where Jeff will teach the balance between power, cadence and how to effectively use threshold work to get faster.
  • “During the day” eating strategies to keep your fueled, fit and minimize your injury risk.
  • End of day, pre-sleep recovery tools to make sure that you get the most from your recovery/rest.
  • Images of you taken during workouts that you can use to review areas in need of improvement when you return home.

After the Immersion is over:
After the IE, you get 2 hours of consulting time that you can use for specific race day preparations or review of previous workouts and exercises, with recommendations for change. Consider these your lifelines when you need feedback that you can’t get from your local coaching resources.
Once you are done, you will get a binder that contains all the activities that we did, print outs of research that I reference, scripture to use as you approach and go above threshold, recipes for athlete meals and any pictures that you wish to take. You will sign a release not to make copies of these documents to protect our business. We will be respectful of your privacy as a client and will only use photos and/or testimonials with your permission.
This package does not include any on-going coaching time, as this experience is independent of your coaching requirements. Some of you will self-coach, and some of you will want to use a coach and trainer back home whom you can interact with in a face to face setting.



  • transportation to and from the airport, for those flying in
  • all meals and use of experts, during scheduled times.
  • lodging for your scheduled time
  • a URL unique for you that that will give you access to videos we used or made during your stay here, as well as your agenda and reference links.


  • personal workout equipment not pre-arranged. I have 56 and 58 cm tri bikes and road bikes, but no other sizes. If you want to bring you own bike or ship in advance, this is not included. I may be able to help you rent something from a local bike shop depending on your needs.
  • any clothing required while you are here. Bring your own swim, bike and run clothes, and we will wash and dry them.
Price: $5995.

A deposit of $2000 is required to begin the intake process. $1900 of this is refundable after the intake call if all of us conclude that you would not benefit from an Immersion Experience.

Contact Jeff to schedule your initial meeting. You'll be sent an agreement and invoice. Payment in full is required to confirm your scheduled date and receive a copy of your schedule/timeline.