Threshold Public
Training Experiences

The free events are meant for multisport and endurance athletes to sharpen the tools of their trade with like minded and like habited people. Each race starts with coaching and advice on how to use this event to get better. A 5 minute pre-ride and run briefing is meant both for first timers and experienced Threshold Riders, to update you on the course.

Weekly Try and Tri Event

  • Held each wednesday evening, weather permitted, from the Food Lion Parking lot in Oakboro.
  • Ride for 90 minutes on a segment of the Assault on Morrow Mountain ride and return back to the Food Lion Parking lot for a brick run.
  • Rides are between 20 and 48 miles, with a brick run of 2 miles.
  • For those interested, go out for Mexican Food within walking distance of the event..
  • Roads and trails have WAY less traffic than Charlotte area.

Every Wednesday from 6 until.
Show and Go.

Link to start is here. | Link to the Ride. | Link to the Run.

Contact Jeff if you have questions.